Add A Bike Rack To Your Vehicle To Transport Your Bicycles Safely

29 October 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If you are an avid cyclist or mountain biker, you may like to take your bicycles to places that are too far away to ride to. Transporting your bikes on one of the many styles of bike racks available can help ensure the bikes get there safely.  

Car Top Racks

One common bike rack system available for vehicles is a rooftop rack system that places the bikes up and out of the way. Brands like Thule bike racks are available in this configuration and are made to fit many different cars, vans, and SUVs. 

The rooftop rack is strong enough to support several bikes but can be challenging to reach on taller vehicles. These rooftop racks are a good option for standard height cars and downsize SUVs, and often they can be mounted to an existing rack system on the vehicle, so installation is easier. 

The bikes are stored in the rack with the front tire removed, but there is room for the tire on the rack as well, keeping everything outside the car, so dirt, mud, or water from the bikes stays outside where it belongs. 

Hitch-Mounted Racked

Another commonly used style of bike racks is one that mounts the bikes to the rear of the vehicle on a rack that fits into the receiver hitch. The bike rack is designed to fold down, allowing access to the rear cargo area or trunk of SUVs, vans, and cars, but it is strong and secure when locked in the upright position.

This rack system is easier to use because it is lower to the ground and can fold back for easy loading. Bike racks that are available for hitch mounts come in several sizes to carry one or several bikes at the same time. 

The receiver hitch on your vehicle must be the right size for the rack system to slide into, but the requirements can change depending on the rack model you choose. If you are interested in bike racks for your vehicle, stop by a dealer that carries and installs them, and they can go over the options with you to determine which rack system will work best on your vehicle. 

Once you have selected a bike rack for your vehicle, a technician can install it and show you how to use it properly to transport your bikes wherever you want to take them. Add a locking system to the bike rack, and the bikes are safe from theft while on the rack as well. 

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