3 Reasons To Use An Enclosed Car Transport When Selling A Classic Car

10 December 2019
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Classic cars never seem to lose their popularity. When they are restored correctly, a classic car can take a driver back to his or her youth. Many people are willing to pay big money for a classic car, and they are willing to travel across the country to find the car of their dreams.

If you have recently sold a classic car to a buyer located several thousand miles away, you will want to invest in enclosed transport for the vehicle.

1. Keep Vehicle Mileage Low

The fewer miles you put on a restored classic car, the better. Driving a restored vehicle to its new home can put a lot of stress on a classic car. An enclosed car transport allows you to put the vehicle inside a trailer and have a semi-truck pull the trailer to the buyer's home.

You won't have to worry about putting miles on the vehicle you have sold or paying for a flight back to your own home when you utilize an enclosed transport service.

2. Avoid Potential Legal Problems

The purchase price of a classic car can be very high. This means that your buyer has made a significant investment in the vehicle that you will be shipping. Any damage that occurs during transit could serve as grounds for a lawsuit. The classic car is your responsibility until the buyer takes physical possession of the vehicle upon delivery.

Using an enclosed transport service lets you take advantage of the insurance coverage these companies offer. You won't have to pay for any damage sustained in transit, and your buyer won't be tempted to take legal action against you because of the potential damage a classic car can sustain during delivery.

3. Keep the Car in Pristine Condition

A vehicle is exposed to many different elements on the open road. You will be able to avoid most of these elements when you choose an enclosed transport service for your vehicle delivery needs.

Rain, snow, or hail can seriously damage the paint finish on a classic car. Direct sunlight can weaken the integrity of a soft top and cause the material to fade. Housing a classic car inside a trailer during delivery protects the vehicle against environmental elements that could compromise the hard work you have put into the restoration process.

Don't let the sale of a classic car go awry because of delivery complications. Partner with an enclosed transport service like Motor Car Carriers to handle the delivery logistics.