Got A Dent On Your Car? What Will Happen If You Do Not Get It Fixed

21 November 2019
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If you have a dent on your car this not only makes it look bad but can also cause many problems if you do not get the dent fixed soon. This could be a large dent, or the dent may be small enough that you soon forget it is even there. No matter which, below are three problems the dent on your car can cause. 


The main problem a dent can cause is rust. This is especially true if there are any type of cracks in the paint from the dent. This is because water will get under the paint and reach the metal that is underneath. Once this happens, the metal will start to rust.

If your dent is very small, you may have rust and not even know it. When you do start noticing it, however, the rust has likely become much bigger. The rust will continue to deteriorate the metal on your car and over time will have holes appear in the metal. These holes can quickly become larger.

Paint Damage

Even if the rust is not bad enough to get down to the metal underneath the pain, the dent can still cause paint damage. Driving in the rain, washing your car, and other things will cause crack in the paint in the dented area. 

Over time the paint will start to flake and then peel. You will then see the undercoating that is placed under paint when it is first painted. This undercoating is there to protect the metal on the car. In some cases, if you do not repair the dent at this point, the undercoat will start to come off. 

Save Money on Repairs

If you take your car to an auto body shop when your car is first dented, it will be much less expensive to repair the dent. This is because no more damage is caused by waiting a long time to bring your car in.

If the dent is in the side panel of your car, the auto body mechanic can likely use a special suction to repair the dent. The suction tool is placed over the dent and then pulled back. The dent will pop out. If the dent is much larger, however, the auto body shop mechanic will likely have to replace the part of your car that is dented, such as a side panel, bumper, and more. 

Find an auto body shop near you and make an appointment today. The auto body techniciancan then make these repairs for you and get you out on the road again.

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